Five Element Acupuncture

One of the types of acupuncture I practice is Five Element Acupuncture. It works on the basis that we are all one of five elements – Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood and that these elements lie at the root of any health issues we may have. Each element has energy channels that run through the body affecting different organs. If these energy channels get blocked or are low in energy we become out of balance and can feel unwell physically or mentally. We want the body to be in balance so Five Element Acupuncture aims to clear blocks and boost the areas of the body that need it to help any issues you may have go away and stop them returning. I will discuss each element in turn so you can see if you can guess what Element you may be…….

World Acupuncture Day

14 November! The British Acupuncture Council is going to the House of Commons with proposals regarding acupuncture, its future and to show its efficacy. More information on my instagram page and on Facebook.

Long term neck pain

Just to say thanks for the session on Monday….I was exhausted afterwards but had a great nights sleep and woke feeling much better and my neck felt so much better, the session definitely helped and see you next week!

J, Henley on Thames, November 2019

Ongoing illnesses

I just wanted to say thank you for fitting me in this morning, I’ve had a great day! After a very long time of not feeling myself I haven’t had a headache and my fuzzy head that I had before I saw you this morning went shortly after. I’ve had a feeling all day of being sort of lighter (and strangely taller). That’s the only way to describe it, feels like I’m  more my old self. My nose is still blocked  but feels a lot less pressure across it and easier breathing. Hopefully it lasts until I see you next week.

S, Henley on Thames, October 2019

The Chinese Clock

The Chinese Clock sets our ideally what we should be doing at certain times of the day and when energy in our organs is at its highest and lowest. It can explain health and emotional problems such as waking at 3am when it is the time of the Liver, which can easily overheat, or 5am when is the low time of the Kidneys and Bladder. Acupuncture can help with this.


Hormones and their side effects can be felt strongly by some people, especially in periods of stress and transition, such as puberty and the menopause. Acupuncture can help with these periods of change and symptoms such as hot flushes, anxiety, insomnia and tiredness as well as moving stuck energy so your cycle is easier and more regular and with fertility issues.


Chinese Medicine teaches that we are affected by the seasons and should adapt our lifestyle accordingly. At this time of year we should eat warming soups, curries and stews, which are nutritious and aid our digestive system. This is not the ideal time of year for a juice fast or lots of salad. It is also the perfect time of year to hibernate and catch up on the sleep and rest your body needs and to enjoy long, lazy baths before the days start to get longer and lighter.

Treating Children

People often find it surprising that babies and children come for treatment, but they respond very well to acupuncture and there are options for those who really do not want needles. A Chinese herb called Moxa can be used on acupuncture points as can acupressure and Tuina, which is a type of massage. I have seen treatment help teenagers with insomnia, anxiety and menstrual issues and younger children with a wide range of issues from digestive problems, to bed wetting, growing pains and reducing a temperature. Children tend to respond quickly to treatment and it can offer new options to parents who wish to try an alternative to Western medicine or something to work alongside it.


Acupuncture has been used in China for thousands of years to improve people‚Äôs well-being. Chinese medicine teaches that we do not feel our best when the body is out of balance and the energy in the body (called ‘qi’) is not flowing freely. Acupuncture seeks to allow the energy to flow freely again and put the body back in balance. Chinese medicine believes that our lifestyle can make us out of balance, our work, our emotions, what we eat and what we do and acupuncture can help with restoring the balance so that we feel the best we can.