Headaches and neck pain

I went to see Debs as I have had problems with headaches and my jaw (TMJ) for a long time which then lead to a very stiff and sore neck.  I went on advice of my orthodontist.  Debs has been amazing, my neck pain is easing, it has been present for over 20 years so I don’t expect it to disappear immdeiately but it is getting there.  In the four weeks I have seen Debs she seems to has totally harmonised my body.  I didn’t realise that is was so out of sink.   But now my stress levels are really low, nothing makes me anxious as it did before, I feel so much happier and I have so much energy.  I saw her one week when I was trying to fight a cold and by the next day it had disappeared and I felt great again.

Debs is very easy to talk to and her sessions are very therapeutic.  I will continue to see her every few weeks just to work on my neck and everything else seems back to normal.

S, Henley-on-Thames

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