Testimonial from K

‘I have been suffering from nose bleeds for years.  Upon the suggestion of my Dad, I decided to explore whether acupuncture may resolve the problem.  I had previously experienced acupuncture for muscular problems, but I was quite sceptical that it could help with this particular issue.  I had four treatments in relatively quick succession: 1 hour per session.  Each time I was treated by Debs with warmth, professionalism and compassion and I was made to feel safe.  Debs always created a relaxed, deeply calming atmosphere, and so by the end of each session I felt rejunevated and energised.  My nose bleeds have not returned since I began the treatment, which is a startling departure from the norm.  I fully intend to return for more treatments and strongly recommend Debs to anyone who may be considering acupuncture.’

K, Shiplake

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